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              The Australian Cartoonists Association keeps you connected with other cartoonists and with what’s going on in the cartoon industry at large.

              Our membership includes Australia’s best cartoonists, caricaturists, illustrators, comic book and comic strip artists, animators and digital artists who work for newspapers, magazines, production houses and, of course, online.

              Founded in 1924, the ACA has a proud history and is an integral part of the fabric of Australian society. We welcome you to explore this website and enjoy the very best of Australian cartoonists …

              (For the latest news, see our blog… or find out about joining)

              The ACA’s Annual Awards Weekend

              Named after Australian cartoonist Stan Cross, the Stanleys are the ACA’s annual awards and conference weekend. They take place in November and feature awards for all categories of cartooning. The annual Stanleys auction raises money for charity.

              90 Years Young!

              From 1924, The ACA was known as the Australian Black and White Artists’ Club. Our first objective is to “improve the standing of ‘black and white’ artists in Australia and to stimulate public interest in ‘black and white’ art.” The second objective is “to promote competitions and/or awards with the object of improving the standards of ‘black and white’ art.”

              Since 2001 we have been a national organisation of working cartoonists, known as the Australian Cartoonists Association with members in every state in Australia.

              Each State organises its own social events and meetings. On special occasions a traditional event, Smock Night, is arranged in honour of a long standing member of the cartoonist community who is presented with an artist’s smock signed by as many cartoonists as possible. Exhibition openings, book launches and other occasions fill out quite a varied and busy social calendar.